• The designer has inspired most of her designs from nature, which she has always tended to. She believes that change and renewal are required, especially with regard to women's elegance.
  • The designer's love for deer and the qualities they carry made her wander to the world of fashion to paint her designs in a beautiful form of imagination to make it a reality in the hands of every modern woman who tends by nature to acquire a distinct modern classic.
  • It is amazing that the designer is inspired by most of her pieces and designs from the most beautiful characteristics of the gazelle, which is undoubtedly known to the Arabs since ancient times.
  • The Arabs in the past loved deer and gave them the sweetest names for their tenderness and sweetness. The gazelle was the most beautiful, graceful, most attractive and humble Arab animal, and above all this; it has a pride that no other animal can match in it.
  • The deer also had a large share in ancient Arabic poetry in the verses of flirtation.
  • The gazelle has Arab pride and glory. From here, the designer launched her imagination and inspired her logo from the deer, in proportion to its characteristics, to earn her pieces the deer qualities that any woman deserves. To add more beauty and richness to her logo, it decorated it with floral motifs surrounded by a deer's head, which was inspired by the traditional Arab dress for Arab women, which was woven by hand with several motifs, including geometric and plant ones.
  • The magic, sophistication, and beauty of the Arab woman were and still are and must be remembered by all generation…because she deserves.
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