Dear Customers,

RANIA MANASRA piece is uniquely produced with 100% genuine leather.

Note that leather used for this RANIA MANASRA bag has been worked by a craftsman and finished by hand. So, some defects, shading & color irregularities should be considered natural features of the leather. These are not imperfections.

Every item made from this leather has been created purely accordingly to traditional principles, so as to enhance the natural characteristics of the leather, such as veins, contrasting tones and small imperfections in the grain. These characteristics, as well as the susceptibility to scratches and abrasions, and the fading which occurs in the areas of greatest wear, should not be considered defects but assets, fundamental aspects of natural leather.

clean the product with a soft dry cloth.

Please make sure to ask about leather treatment by emailing us at [email protected]


Prolonged sun exposure or artificial light will alter the color & sometimes fade it

Store your bag in a cool, dry place to keep the leather from flaking.

Perfumes, oily products, cosmetics will leave permanent marks (like lipsticks, perfumes, hand cream) Immediately remove stains as soon as you notice them

Water sometimes leaves traces

Jewelry and sharp objects might cause stitches and damage the surface.

We recommend cleaning your bag after every use with a clean, dry cloth or use a leather conditioner regularly to prevent flaking.

Tuck the shoulder strap inside of the bag as this can leave marks on the leather.

Be in mind that heavy objects will age the leather dramatically.

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